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Parade & Carnival: Details

We can't wait for another great Halloween Parade and Carnival, and to keep our 75 YEAR OLD TRADITION going!

All are welcome to join us for any part of our festivities!

9:00AM: We start our parade off from the Buttery. Come as early as you like to talk with friends and see the costumes!

9:30AM: Our Carnival opens at Gault School.

Games: We'll have toss and aim games, water table games and other activities all throughout campus.

Food: We'll have pizza, nachos, homemade pozole and homemade pupusas!

Prizes: Kids will collect tickets throughout the day and trade them in for a variety of fun prizes.

Treats: We'll have homemade baked goods, snacks and treats available all day!

Activities: We'll have our cakewalk, barrel ride and raffle!

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