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Support the Classroom

Here's where you will find Wishlists, Class Direct-Donations & other ways to support teachers!

Open Projects 2023

Garden Love - Teacher Hailey (Life Lab)

"Help me give my students a revitalized garden with materials to strengthen our Life Lab curriculum, with projects such as nutritious cooking and nature-based art."

Funded Projects / 2023 / THANK YOU!

Help a 1st Year Teacher - Ms. K (2nd Grade)

"Help me give my students a safe, colorful, and organized 2nd grade classroom."

A Thinking Classroom for All - Ms. Morgan (4th Grade)

"Help me give my students spaces (large white boards) where they can display their active thinking."

Everyone Deserves Music - Mr. Moshe (Music)

Help me give my students the instruments needed for our music program. The Bb bass bar is the most important item on my list. Many of our band songs are in concert Bb.

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