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Welcome to gault

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Welcome students, staff & families.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing school!

Gault Elementary is has an exceptional community of dedicated staff, amazing students and energetic and committed parents.  The student experience at Gault is filled with rich academic and social-emotional learning, as well as inclusive events and celebrations.

Each day I will continue to work closely with our students, families and our excellent instructional team, to meet the diverse needs of all our learners, Gault School is a family. We work together, because we understand that together we are better.

- Amy Spiers, Principal

About Gault

We will build a safe, caring community that fosters respect, values diverse cultures and languages, practices life skills, and engages in social and environmental service to the community. Through an articulated, integrated, school-wide arts and science program, based on direct experience, we will guide students in discovering the joy and excitement of developing their voices through self-expression. Through a meaningful and developmentally appropriate curriculum, we will ensure all students experience continuous growth in academic skills in order to become complex thinkers, collaborative learners and clear communicators. This mission is accomplished through excellence in teaching and through partnership with parents and our community.

Gault Good to Great Expectations

As a staff, we have worked very hard over the past years to build a positive behavior system for our school. We have used a system called Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS). It has given us a chance to redefine our expectations and to become consistent with behavior in the classroom, on the playground, in the hallway, the bathrooms and the cafeteria. You can help your child with this goal by asking them at home about the Gault Good to Great Expectations:

  1. Show Respect

  2. Make a Good Decision

  3. Solve a Problem

All of our guidelines are based on these expectations. You will see these posted around the school, including the bathrooms! These common expectations for behavior help bring our Community together. 

Please feel free to explore our site and our school, to learn about our academics, enrichments and supports of our students and our community.

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