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Play is pivotal. We believe all students need access to creative exploration, play-based collaboration and a chance to explore expression and play.

At Gault all students K-5 enjoy enriching experiences in the visual arts. Our artist in residence, Stella Schmitt, has an extensive background and training in her field giving our students an appreciation of the arts, as well as an opportunity to explore and develop their own talents.


Stella will share the elements of visual arts with your child. Students have the opportunity to draw, paint, watercolor, sculpt with clay and explore the various cultural connections found in art.


Gault Elementary School offers music classes to all grade levels. In Teacher Moshe Vilozny's music class we learn to sing, play instruments and learn about music notation and music history via music videos and modern electronic media (traditional yet modern). We also arrange for special performances by professional musicians, dance troupes, and performers throughout the school year. 


The Life Lab Program at Gault School is a K-5 hands-on science and nutrition program. All students visit the garden in small groups with their class two times a month during the school year.


Lessons include scientific observation and illustration, science experiments, planting, growing, and harvesting seasonal fruits and vegetables, preparing foods and tasting.

Life Lab

Gault offers Free or Affordable after school enrichment & activities to all of our families. Our program is run by an experienced in-house team of educators who cooperates with core teaching staff to maximize student enrichment.

We're proud to offer these programs to all families, to help our students' development and support our families all day.

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After School Academy
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The Gault Library is more than just a vital place for the peaceful reflection, rest and safety that every student needs from time to time. It is also a gateway to navigating not only literacy, but an understanding of how to safely and responsibly interact with the internet.

Our librarians teach curriculum at all grade levels on best practices for our students to protect themselves and grow their knowledge in using technology and online resources.


At the Santa Cruz County Outdoor Science School, fifth and sixth grade students experience a four- or five-day residential, hands-on science program. Students focus on investigating the rich coastal redwood forest ecosystem that surrounds our coastal community.

During field class, students study the forest, meadows, and streams with a qualified naturalist.


Through the use of science inquiry, games, and other activities, naturalists teach ecological concepts. Children see the interrelationships between plants and animals and learn about the effect they, as people, have on the environment. A richer understanding of their natural surroundings helps prepare them for the mature decisions they will make as adults.

Science School
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