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Your neighborhood public elementary school serving Seabright & Midtown is now enrolling!

Turning 5 between Sept. 2, 2024 & June 2, 2025—welcoming, play-based, exploratory & social. Learn more here!


Turning 5 by September 1, 2024: reading & phonics, math, social studies, language arts, computer science & a lifelong love of learning! Learn more here!


We are here to empower

Gault welcomes our students and our families into a unique community of encouragement, partnership and support.


Our learners are rigorously pushed to their highest potential of excellence with a diverse curriculum and unique enrichment opportunities. We support students with a system dynamic instruction that combines classroom work, small groups and on-on-one attention.

We are here to push, to encourage, to teach and to help students become themselves. That means supporting and engaging with families as well, and building a place to belong together.



"We love our school and our Gault Community!

Monce Zamaripa 

"Our daughter is thriving - she loves her teachers, and we've been thrilled at how invested the staff is in her success!

Jacquie Benetua 

"Gault teachers utilize a hands-on approach that allows for total differentiation—similar to Montessori based schools.

Gault is an amazing, magical place!

Bunny tessier 

“Gault school encourages kids to exceed their potential & be a positive addition to their community.”

Nadia Krilanovich 

Building Community


See this year's historic Gault Halloween parade & Carnival bring out midtown families, neighbors and friends in a celebration of community that's been going for 75 years!

Students Learn On the Big Stage


Have a look at Gault's annual history project: a musical that brings every student into the process, builds confidence & gives everyone a moment in the spotlight.

Beyond the Classroom


See Gault students explore the world around them as part of a unit on lifecycles and ecology. Redwood forests provide a magical environment seen in few places on planet earth - right at our doorstep!

school offers more

We have the deepest roots in our Santa Cruz community, the most experienced teachers, the most student supports, the most mental health supports, the most partnerships with local resources and opportunities.

As our students move into the secondary, we have the most college prep courses, the most career paths, the ​most extracurriculars, the most leadership opportunities.

We have the most diversity, the most community and the most history. We have the most help for those who need it, the most challenges to motivate developing minds.

And you, like all, are welcome.

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